Frequently Asked Questions:

Which type of nightguard should I order?

Order a night guard based on your teeth grinding severity. If your not sure what it is you can use our Not Sure What You Need Application to figure out the perfect guard for you.

How long will it take to receive my nightguard/mouthguard?

Once your order is received we will send out the teethprotectors at home impression kit. You will receive it in 2 business days. You will then take your self impression and place it in the prepaid self addressed envelope and send it back to us. Once we receive the self impression back in our lab you will receive your custom nightguard/mouthguard within 2 weeks. Remember, all these shipments are free of charge to you.

Why did I only get two putty packs in my teethprotectors at home impression kit?

To fabricate a nightguard/mouthguard we only require an impression of your upper teeth. The extra putty pack is for you to have two tries this is why we supply you with an extra tray. If you are unsure if the first impression is adequate feel free to take another impression and send them both back to us. We will select the better of the 2 impressions.

If you ordered a hard nightguard you would have received 4 putty packs as this is the only one that requires both an upper and lower impression.

Why do you need a lower impression for the hard nightguard and not for the other guards?

Due to the thickness of this guard the lab uses the lower mold to create grooves in the guard so that the bite/occlusion is evenly distributed and for a better fit of the lower teeth into the upper guard.

After I take the impression do I separate the putty from the tray?

Do Not Separate the putty from the tray. This will completely distort the impression.

Where should I keep or store my nightguard?

When your night guard isn't in use, it should be kept in its case. Because high temperatures can cause the material to distort, you should store your night guard in a cool, dry location. Although many people store their guards in the bathroom, the heat and steam can cause the material to warp, requiring you to purchase a new guard. Your nightstand is likely a better place to keep your guard.

Your case is one of the most important tools you have to keep your night guard in good shape. The durable exterior will prevent damage to the guard, even if it is knocked off the stand or counter, and will keep dust and other contaminants from settling onto the guard throughout the day. Containers for night guards are also designed to provide proper air circulation, which will prevent the guard from deteriorating or becoming mildewed.

How should I clean and take care of my nightguard?

A custom night guard is worn daily and like any personal care item, it requires regular cleaning to prevent damage to the appliance and growth of bacteria. Proper care and maintenance of your custom nightguard will keep it in good shape for a long time, saving you time and money.

In the morning, following each use, rinse the nightguard well with cool water. About once a week, you should give your guard a more thorough cleaning with a toothbrush and toothpaste and mouthwash. Be sure to rinse the guard well with cool water to remove any traces of the toothpaste or mouthwash. Dry the night guard thoroughly before placing it in its container. This will prevent bacterial growth.

Other methods to clean your guard include Soap and Water, cleaning tablets, Dental sanitizing devices and a Professional dental cleaning provided by your dentist.

It's just as important to care for your night guard's storage case. Placing a clean night guard into a case that hasn't been cleaned in quite some time will contaminate the night guard and could lead to illness or an oral infection. When you do your once weekly scrubbing of the night guard, wash the case out well with soap and hot water. Rinse it and allow it to dry before you place your night guard into it.

How long will it last and how would I know it is time to replace it?

When you do your weekly cleaning, check your nightguard for any damage, including rips and tears or a breakdown of the material. Night guards are made to be durable, but over time, the grinding will take its toll. The good news is that the damage is being done to the nightguard, which can be replaced, instead of your teeth.

Take your custom nightguard with you to your regular dental checkups so your dentist can also give it a more thorough examination and make sure that it is working well. Your dentist can also give you additional advice on caring for your night guard.

If you find any damage on your night guard, it's time to purchase a new one. Don't use a damaged night guard.

What are dental cleaning tablets?

One of the most popular methods for cleaning mouth guards is to use cleaning tablets and powders. You will probably recognize these tablets if you have ever browsed through a drug store. Denture cleaning tablets and powders are examples of this method and are extremely effective for cleaning mouth guards. They help to sanitize, as well as remove stains that can often develop. You will also find that there are tablets and powders made specifically for mouth guards.

What are dental sanitizing devices?

Dental sanitizing devices are also on the market and a great choice if you are looking for something that will clean and sanitize your mouth guard. They are relatively affordable and you will get a great result if your goal is to have a thoroughly clean nightguard/mouthguard. Depending on the model, the dental sanitizing device will use sonic or ultraviolet light to effectively clean your mouth guard. These are a bit more expensive than other methods, but it can be a good investment if you will wear a guard for an extended period of time.

What materials do you use for the night guards?

Since we're a professional dental lab servicing dentists, we use the exact same materials as the night guards we craft for dentists. The hard night guard is made from a clear, hard plastic called acrylic. The hybrid night guard is made from a material called dual-laminate. The soft night guard is made from a material called ProFlav. All materials are safety-approved and come from professional dental industry suppliers.

How do I take my teeth impression?

Follow the online animation or the live video demonstration. As well as the detailed instructions page in your at home self impression kit. The entire process should only take about 15 minutes.

What if the night guard I get doesn’t fit?

Our professional dental lab is owned managed by a dental lab technician with over 20 years of experience. Each month, we deliver hundreds of perfectly fitted night guards, partial and full dentures, dental crowns and bridges to our existing dentist clients. Each product is carefully inspected to ensure that it fits perfectly on the exact replica mold of your teeth. So, the chance that your custom night guard won't fit is very low.

However, we're committed to your complete comfort and satisfaction. So if you're not completely satisfied with the fit of your night guard, please contact us with your order number and we will resolve the issue to your full satisfaction.

Is it really the exact same quality as what I get at the Dentist?

Yes, we are operated by a professional dental lab in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that currently makes night guards for dentists. We use the same materials and process for our online customers at

Why is it so much cheaper than what my Dentist quoted me?

Our price is significantly lower than what the dentist charges because you don’t pay the dentist’s markup (usually 200% to 300%). Think of ordering online as the getting the “factory direct” price.

There are some instances where the dentist does provide additional services that justify the markup. For example, if you have jaw issues and you need a dental night guard that helps aligns your teeth and jaw in a certain way, the dentist may need to perform multiple adjustments at the time of fitting.

However, for the majority of people who simply need a night guard to protect against teeth grinding and clenching, our product is exactly the same as what you would get from a dentist.

Additional questions?

If you have any additional questions, feel free to Contact Us!